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    Best Legal Solutions to Family Issues

    Legal hassles can be the most challenging experience in your life for the fact that they invariably acquaint you with tremendous levels of stress - both emotional as well as psychological. Arguably, family law challenges are the last type of legal issues that you would want to be confronted with, particularly owing to the high emotional and sentimental involvement they carry. At such a critical time of tribulation, lacking the most basic knowledge of what your rights are and what you must do in order to acquire them can create a horde of unforeseen problems for you. Therefore, the resolution of legal family matters is better left in the hands of professional legal experts who have years of experience under their belt and the certifications to prove it. At the Law Offices of Merlyn N. Hernandez, we dedicate all our acquired wisdom and knowledge to the service of our distressed clients, providing them with a precise, reasonable and result-oriented representation of their legal requirements. With extensive experience and knowledge acquired over more than 13 years, we have successfully represented the legal rights of a long list of satisfied clients on the following legal issues:

    Our Services

    Child Custody and Visitation
    Child Support
    Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    Legal Separation
    Marital Settlement Agreements
    Modification of Custody
    Modification of Support
    Modification of Visitation
    Paternity Actions
    Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    Post- Marital Agreements
    Property Division
    Spousal Support

    If you are finding yourself collapsing under the burgeoning weight of any of the above-listed legal troubles, feel free to contact us for an expert consultation. Apart from promising to promptly address your distress calls, we also pledge to offer you the best consultation services on all your legal matters.